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Balloon Bouquets!



Smart Tips for Balloon Use in 2018

1. “Please secure me with a weight.”
2. “Please don’t let me fly into the air and become litter—
I don’t want to get trapped in a tree or on power lines.”
3. “I love kids. Young children with balloons should
always be monitored.” Children under eight (8) years
of age can choke or suffocate on uninflated or
broken balloons.

4. “If I’m deflated or popped, properly discard me.”
5. “Despite the funny voice helium can give you,
it should never be inhaled.

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Balloons and the Environment

We have started our own testing to see how quickly latex balloons biodegrade.

Day 1 inflated the broken balloons in container of saltwater from water changed fish tank with grit and a few oak leaves added. Shaken then placed out side in sunny area. Will check and shake every week to monitor breakdown No open holes to air to decrease evaporation.


Check back here for an update next month.

More info from PEBA

Latex Balloons and the Environment

Balloons bring a great deal of colour, fun and excitement to the world. When used responsibly, they have minimal compounding effect on the environment.

The biodegradability and composting of latex is being studied scientifically worldwide. Studies show that natural latex does breakdown however we still do not want balloons to be littering the environment or causing harm to animals.

The most important actions we can take are:

  • To support effective legislation to ban deliberate organised balloon releases to help prevent any negative impacts on wildlife
  • Educate customers and the public on the responsible use and disposal of balloons

A number of latex balloon manufacturers source the natural latex used to make their balloons from Rainforest Alliance Certified Plantations.

The Rainforest Alliance is a growing network of farmers, foresters, communities, scientists, governments, environmentalists and businesses. This network is dedicated to conserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainable livelihoods.

The Rainforest Alliance are an international, non-profit organization working to build strong forests, healthy agricultural landscapes and thriving communities through creative and pragmatic collaboration.

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